The World Unwrapped Blog was the content component and lifeline World Unwrapped. It is filled with insight on global arts & culture, stories, and living in an globalized world. Here are a few of the writers who were featured on the blog:

LINKDHasabie Kidanuart historian. painter. slightly awkward printmaker. archive enthusiast. Ethiopian bred. 

7 Incredibly Charged Public Artworks


Cheryl HeadshotCheryl WalkerCheryl’s writing is born out of her roots as a Guyanese and an American. Her experiences and engagements have encouraged a multi-dimensional view of her world, an awareness which reflects in her writing. She continues to learn through dialogue both formally and informally to strive to better her community.

How Far Have We Come? ; On the Anniversary


Olivia Grant: graduated from Wesleyan University with a dual degree in Psychology and Visual Studies. She has lived in Italy and China and hopes her Italian language skills and knowledge of Chinese culture will be useful one day. In the mean time she’s embracing the chaos that comes with post-grad life and thinking up her next big adventure. She enjoys traveling, learning languages, dancing, acting, art, and attempting to stick with yoga for longer than a week.

Work-Life Balance Country to Country


Jasmine IrvingJasmine is currently brushing up on her French whilst working as an English assistant in Réunion island after graduating from a Literature and Media studies degree in Falmouth (England). She’s a writer, artist, meditator and feminist and will never turn down the opportunity to swim in the sea, no matter how cold it is.

Changing the World From Your Doorstep ; Home: In the midst of everything