Project Lead(s): Armando Davila, Amelia Aeon Karris, & Dave Room

Sunday March 22nd was International Water Day. All across the globe there were World Water Day and water awareness events happening. In California we’ve been having a drought for the past few years and recently we’ve been told it will get critical in the next year. In Detroit, low-income people have been cut off from water-access. And around the globe many people still do not have access to clean water. There has been a lot of work around water access, banning fracking, water awareness, and changing our relationship to water.

Many of us take water for granted when in many places, even in the developed world (i.e. Detroit), people do not have access to clean water or any water at all. For World Water Day a few organizers: Armando Davila, Amelia Aeon Karris, and Dave Room wanted to bless water, change our views of water, and peacefully protest against negative and damaging water practices, as well as all inequitable practices happening in urban and rural areas.

For this year’s World Water Day, 600 locations around the world decided to participate in a global synchronized meditation. In Oakland we joined with an event in Los Angeles, Ganges in India, and other locations around the world to do a mass meditation for world water day as the final phase of our World Water Day event: Bless the Lake. This mass meditation was intended to bless all water and our relationship to it. Using this mass meditation as a form of protest, and activism as a foundation, the Bless the Lake event came into being. It included music, speakers, and meditation. It was a transcendental protest event, intended to be the light and love that is water.

Bless the Lake brought people and organizations throughout the Bay Area together to the central location of Lake Merritt in Oakland. We all sat, stood, danced facing the lake and sent positive vibes toward the lake. We created a day of optimistic and honoring energy for our lake and all water. We had water from Mount Shasta, blessed by the Ganges, on the stage. We had a spiritual leader from the Philippines join us. We stood together in solidarity for a better, more conscious world using water as the point of focus.

Whether or not the world will be saved by meditation, singing, and peaceful protests is a matter of opinion, even though we’ve seen it happen–most notably with India’s independence movement led by Ghandi and the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King. We know how our thoughts and words can affect water; and since the human body is over 70% water and the earth is more than 70% water, it would seem that our thoughts and words will affect ourselves (as humans) and the world. We know that by blessing the lake and loving water we are changing the reality and consciousness of ourselves and the globe; even in an esoteric way.

To witness the wonders of World Water Day and watch some of the amazing events that took place you can go here. The mission of this site is to seek beauty in the world and create positivity to combat negativity and inequality, the Bless the Lake event is an amazing example of the human potential for creating beauty and positive energy.

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