Articulation & Documentation

How do you articulate the significance of your project or initiative within the framework of city or community development? What is the alternative story of urbanism your project or initiative communicates? How does your project address social issues through culturally relevant spatial production?

World Unwrapped will help you to construct your other urban narrative and document its evolution. Through participatory story-telling, community conversations, and collective analysis World Unwrapped helps projects and initiatives, which aim to be human-centered, community-based, collective in nature, and locally relevant produce their story. This is done through:

  • Looking at how past city history affects the current reality of your project
  • Talking with the stakeholders and community affected by this project
  • Understanding how it relates or responds to your city’s masterplan or other city-led developments
  • Clarifying the aims, possible consequences, challenges, and needs
  • Figuring out the best way to articulate this narrative whether it’s in the form of text, a video series, a podcast, an archive etcetera based on the focus and goals of the initiative or project
Additionally, World Unwrapped helps position already developed projects or already existing initiatives in the context of city development and planning; with regards to receiving/securing grants and money from the municipality, city planning funds, or foundations. World Unwrapped helps to translate city planning jargon & content into accessible information, allowing more people to engage in urbanism and revitalization processes.

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