World Unwrapped exists because there is no shortage of beauty and inspiration in the world, especially when it comes to those who are using art and culture to combat social issues or address voids that exist in our societies. This week World Unwrapped has had the pleasure of supporting two very different projects, which are both led by incredible women in different parts of the world. Women have a magical way of telling stories, while also being artists and creators, at the same time as doing what needs to be done for the world to progress. These two projects are definitely testaments and manifestations of that. After you read the descriptions of each project below, take a moment to go to the project links and join World Unwrapped in supporting this necessary and important work being created by these women and their wonderful teams.

Bees face immense threats, but we need them to survive. 11811391_1634325313516594_8332368206762838404_nAs a choreographer and environmental activist, Christina Leyva, wants to bring awareness to this issues through dance in hopes that it will reach people in ways that conventional messaging cannot. Here at World Unwrapped, we’re certain she can do this. The Bee Dance Project brings together dancers, musicians, and artists to create an interactive performance that will first show at the Bioneers Conference in October of this year. In addition to a human-scale honeycomb sculpture and an original score, the Bee Dance Project will be nothing short of a visually-striking and environmentally enlightening experience. Support the project here.

Set at Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas, where the Little Rock Nine (a group of African American students) were prevented from entering their high school in 1957, is a coming of age story about a Muslim teenage girl whose father is imprisoned.Little_Rock__101st_Airborne_Div_ Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf is film by Susan Youssef, who aims to create feature length films with stories about Arab-American and Muslim-Americans. The short for Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf went to Sundance in 2006 and now she is embarking on the creation of a feature length film. Please support her Kickstarter campaign so they can bring this important story to life and to the screen.

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