Project Lead: Elvis Summers

One day a couple months ago I scrolled through Facebook and saw a video of a man who built a tiny house for a homeless woman who slept on his street. I loved what he did and wished it would happen more. A few months go by and I find his Facebook page, Tiny House: Huge Purpose. I was excited to learn that he has a gofundme and intends to build more tiny houses for the homeless people throughout Los Angeles.

Elvis is helping to solve the problem of homelessness and safety with his tiny houses. In urban areas, homelessness is a huge issue that affects many individuals and families. And among the homeless it can be very dangerous for women and children to sleep on the street without shelter. Elvis builds tiny houses, with locks and a key for the person who lives there. These houses don’t take up space, don’t require electricity or running water, and are not expensive or time consuming to build. They are simply sturdy, safe, small houses for people who are without any type of consistent shelter. Although tiny houses will not solve the problem of homelessness in isolation, it’s a tremendous start.

Elvis describes the Tiny House project this way:

The Mission is Simple. Build Tiny Shelter/Houses for good people who are homeless, ignored and forgotten. How can someone have purpose in life if they don’t have a place to call home. It’s not big, in fact it’s small. But It’s a start. Help People. It’s Time to Start being Human.

The beauty of human-centered, community-based urban development is that it does not have to be big to have an impact. This one man has built a few houses for the homeless and has already improved the lives of a few people and improved the conditions of his community. This small act of humanity is an quite big example of the impact human-centered urban development projects can have on communities and cities around the world.


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