IMG_1185Teju Adisa-Farrar, as the Founder & Creative Director of World Unwrapped, seeks to create a vibrant space for creative, critical and social-change centered individuals. World Unwrapped is for those who are interested in highlighting the culture, impact, and diverse spaces that exist in cities around the world while also trying to make our world more beautiful and more equitable. Through World Unwrapped Teju hopes to create more cultural urban inclusivity and optimistic-critique in global media. She mostly writes short essays on a range of subjects based on World Unwrapped’s projects and the grants received. She has breached topics such as: positive ecological communities in Israel/Palestine to Blackness in Europe and the power of cultural activism to inspiration from artists and creatives around the world.

Posts from Teju

*World Unwrapped is always looking for more people who want to be apart of this community.