Project Lead: Germ Collective

World Unwrapped is very clear in our belief that painting can be development, so we were thrilled when we heard about this project in Pachuca, Mexico completed by the Germ Collective. A project that is said to have come as this community is already transforming itself.

The Germ Collective is a group of artists in Mexico and over the last year they have transformed a hillside working class community, also known as a barrio, into an expansive mural. The city sponsored the project and as it begun it created a new environment for an already changing community.

from (AP Photo/Sofia Jaramillo)
from (AP Photo/Sofia Jaramillo)

While this community has been considered dangerous and there are gang members who reside there, this art project has created a new feeling about the community and subsequently those who live there. Never have we doubted the power of art and especially paint in developing a community. This project was so impactful that the government wants to do the same in another neighborhood.

To learn more about this project and the praise it’s getting: here, here, and here.

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