Project Lead: Anonymous man in Ha'il, Saudia Arabia (not a formal project: an action out of good will to remedy a social issue)

Ha’il is a city in Saudia Arabia. An anonymous man who lives in this city installed a refrigerator on the street in his neighborhood so people could leave leftover food for the needy. Having the refrigerator outside allows people to leave food as they wish, and have it stay fresh. It also rids the needy of the shame involved with having to beg for food. This system is a way of crowd-sourcing to feed the poor.

Once people heard this story, they said there should be more fridges installed all over Saudi Arabia. I’d like to take it step further and suggest that all cities consider installing public refrigerators so homeless people (a huge population of people in global cities around the world) and those in need have access to fresh, good food without begging or waiting in line for hours for a soup kitchen–if there even is one within walking distance.

This type of project is cost-effective and a community-based solution to a problem many cities and communities across the world face. If we’ve learned anything from the rise in the popularity of crowd-sourcing, let it be how many possibilities are available to solve social issues when a whole community is involved and using their resources.

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