Organization Name: The Natural Step

With a modo like: Accelerating the transition to a thriving world, we know The Natural Step must be doing some amazing work on a big scale. An they are. They’ve taken on the task of helping big corporations become more sustainable and environmentally conscious. The president of The Natural Step says:

“… it is our mission to move society towards sustainability… we focus primarily on large multinational companies because they have the leverage and the ability to significantly impact ecosystems, as well as their supply chain” (Catherine Gray, Massive Change).

The Natural step has helped Nike, Ikea, and McDonald’s–among other companies–become more sustainable in their approach to business and manufacturing. The Natural Step believes corporate responsibility and sustainability is one big step to getting our world on a more sustainable, resilient pathway.

Corporations have the resources and influence to affect urban development significantly; so if they change the way they do business, consumers will change the way they shop and eat, and other businesses will follow. The Natural Step understands the ripple effect that big companies can have when they employ more sustainable strategies. For example, if a McDonald’s situated in an urban area begins to serve food with local, organic ingredients then they will ultimately improve the health of the community while providing inexpensive, quick food. A McDonald’s is more likely to be able to keep prices low and source sustainable ingredients because they’re not solely dependent on profits to thrive.

The Natural Step has offices in twelve countries, and also in South Africa and Japan. They are helping to create global sustainability through local offices and partnerships. Through their strategies and initiatives, The Natural Step is making sustainable development a top priority for multinational corporations.

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