Project Lead/Organization Name: Sannii Crespina-Flores, Do You Remember Me

Do You Remember Me is a project about shaping communities from within using youth activism, reflections, workshops, and cross-cultural-international dialogue. One main aim of this project is to create:

a voice of activism for youth in Philadelphia, New York, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Paris and Kazakhstan. Utilizing technology to connect youth via SKYPE.

This project has inner-city youth from Philadelphia and New York talking with youth around the world in the some of the countries mentioned above and others. I heard about this project through the short film entitled Do You Remember Me, which is about some kids in Philadelphia whose mentor has them talk with kids around the world. One of the most moving parts of this documentary, as well as the part that received the most attention, was when a young black-boy from Philadelphia explained to a girl in another country what racism feels like after she asks him if he’s ever experienced it.

This project shows that urban development should not only be cross-cultural, but it should also be cross-borders, global. The kids who participate in this project from all around the world are seeing and hearing first hand what it’s like for kids their own age to experience life in an urban environment. Simultaneously, for the American kids especially, it is expanding their horizon and showing them how big and small the world is at the same time. Adding to their perspective and letting them know their voices are valuable. With this knowledge and experiences they can decide how best to help their own communities and how to better navigate their own urban experiences.

This is a great project to add to UDPIN because it shows how urban development is not only physically, architecturally, or design manifested–it is also created through community-building, cross-cultural dialogue, and using the globe a resource for information and new perspectives. Please donate to and support this project.

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